Get ready to hear a couple snippets of our soundtrack, courtesy of composer Matthew Taranto!

Snowfall Lake:

With Snowfall Lake, a stage around the middle of the game, Baton finds herself in a mostly-frozen pond at the side of a mountain. While the native yellow perch and sharp icicles might be trouble, our musical tadpole can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit by sliding down ice flows to the rhythm. The stage unfolds like a speedy sleigh ride–fast, breezy and fun, with just enough danger to keep it interesting.

Special thanks to my dad, Paul Taranto, for the live trumpet.

Bullfrog Groove:

The theme for Etude’s domain. Etude is a large bullfrog, and his music was composed by over 700 mosquitoes working in tandem, mostly out of fear of being eaten. You can hang out with Etude in his shop later this Spring when Tadpole Treble releases for Wii U, PC, and Mac!