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Developers Blog #5

Good morning, everyone. Tadpole Treble is entering the last phase of development now–the game is now in lot check with Nintendo, we’re sending out preview builds, and finalizing the top/bottom scores for each stage and a final fix-list!

We will be sending out surveys next week to backers so that we can get your shipping address (for the physical rewards) and also to learn which version of the game you want!

We’re aiming to release in just a few weeks now! Since you guys have been so patient, we have a playable surprise preview in store very soon, so stay tuned for another update.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for a variety of songs from Tadpole Treble!

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Developer’s Blog #4

Hi everyone! We’re finishing up the last chunks of original content and have begun bug-testing and polishing Tadpole Treble. The whole process is quite an intensive one but the game gets better and better each week. We’re currently shooting for release near the end of spring, simultaneously on Wii U, and PC + Mac (via Steam or otherwise).

I’d say it’s time you guys got to hear another song, though. A few updates ago, we introduced you to Bullfrog Grove, where the hungry (yet eloquent) Etude doles out sage advice and bonuses in exchange for bubbles and Challenge Flies.

Naturally, Etude has his own theme song for Bullfrog Grove, titled “Bullfrog Groove.” Give it a listen below!

One last visual bit for today, it’s the wondrous life cycle of a frog! The animation below plays during loading sequences (although load times are quite brief, so you usually won’t see the whole thing):

Until next time…

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Developer’s Blog #3

End of the year progress report

Hi again. We’ve been pretty excited lately with Tadpole Treble–the original vision for this game started off as a musical journey to help Baton get home, but over the past several weeks, we’ve found ways to squeeze in a couple features that expand the play value of the game quite a bit. One of these (which we’ve already announced) is online leaderboards, which will allow players to prove they’re the best (or the worst!) in every stage in the game’s main story.

The second is one I’m particularly proud of, and pleased to say that it was originally planned to be a stretch goal, but we’ve found a way to make it happen (largely thanks to you guys). It’s not quite time to unveil the curtain on that yet until it’s in a more “ready-to-reveal” state, but it’s pretty exciting.

Also, we’ve hit a solid milestone: every level’s music has been written and incorporated into the game! Over the next few months, we’ll be fine-tuning the rough edges, play-testing the heck out of it, and fixing bugs and the like.

All in all, we’re definitely happy with the progress our very first game has made over this year. The Kickstarter campaign definitely made 2014 the most productive year for Tadpole Treble, by far. Like our titular heroine’s quest, it’s been a bit of a journey, but the homecoming isn’t far off now.

Finally, if you haven’t yet, be sure to vote us up to get greenlit on Steam! We know that releasing on Steam is very convenient for a lot of you PC/Mac gamers out there, but we can only do so if we get approved (and we’re very close at this point). […]

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Developer’s Blog #2

Well folks, as lifelong gamers, we’re pretty familiar with the concept of delaying titles for extra polish. Since Tadpole Treble is our first game, we’ve definitely hit our share of challenges and walls over the past year! As a result, we’re announcing that Tadpole Treble will need a little more time in the oven–the new release is slated for Spring 2015. So while Baton’s not arriving next month, she’s not too far off either!

The delay is mainly to assure that everything’s of high quality and running well. At a certain point, we were hit with the decision to either delay TT or reduce the number of stages/features, and we decided to bank on making the game as fun and polished as possible. So thank you for sticking with us for so long!

So here’s the good news! After quite a bit of work, we’re happy to announce another one of our initially-planned stretch goals into the game. Behold…

Online leaderboards! That’s right, once Tadpole Treble releases, you’ll no longer simply be competing with your own high (and low) scores, but everyone else’s as well! While our leaderboards aren’t yet final, we’re about 90% sure at this point that they can be in every version of the game coming out. Who will reign supreme? (by the way, these scores are placeholders and not really possible, so keep that in mind!)

Also, please ignore the smudgy, suspicious rectangle near the top. Not for your eyes yet, guys!

Besides that, it’s been business as usual. Our final boss stage is still underway, as are our last couple levels before that. Nearly all of the level music has been composed or recorded, and we’ll be working on tweaking and polishing things over […]

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Developer’s Blog #1

We’ve put together a brand new trailer featuring newer stages and music for your enjoyment! Be sure to stick around to the end for an announcement that’s been a long time coming. It is located on the Video section of Tadpole Treble.

We’re proud to finally, officially confirm that Tadpole Treble is coming to Wii U! While we didn’t quite hit that stretch goal, we wanted this to happen so much that we’ve put some of our own money into helping TT reach as many fans as possible…and the post-Kickstarter PayPal pledges also helped, of course. What seemed out-of-reach at the beginning of the year has become possible–such is the magic of throwing money at it!

Also new in this trailer is never-before-seen footage of later stages, new music, new gameplay elements (like Treble Mode) and even a little bit of the menu. We’ve been putting a lot of work into this game and while there’s still some work left to be done in polishing everything and making it smell nice, we’re happy with the progress we’ve made. Especially since this is our first game ever!

If you like what you see, we’d appreciate some Greenlight votes on Steam; while we’re approved and coming to the Wii U, we still haven’t been greenlit for Steam, so we’d appreciate a boost there.

And don’t forget to check out the finale of Matthew’s comic, Brawl in the Family, which is ending this Friday! As is his Kickstarter for the complete collection of strips in book form.

Thanks for sticking with us throughout this journey. Oh, and for backers who’ve already pledged for the game, they’ll be able to choose which platform they want it on once we’re close to release.

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