Matthew and Michael Taranto


About Us

A small team with big ideas, BitFinity was founded by two brothers who are lifelong gamers.  Inspired by Nintendo’s works, BitFinity aims to focus on gameplay-driven concepts to create unique and fun experiences.  The company’s founder, Matthew Taranto, already had a sizable audience with his popular parody webcomic, “Brawl in the Family,” but wanted to use the strip as a launching point for bigger ideas.  Today, BitFinity is working on an action/rhythm game called “Tadpole Treble,” and released a playable demo last fall.

Matthew Taranto
Matthew TarantoArt, Music, Game Design
Currently known as the artist and writer of popular video game webcomic Brawl in the Family, Matthew’s passions are deeply rooted in the fields of art, music, and video games. For the unfamiliar, BitF doesn’t just use still images–a few of the comics are set to medleys of Nintendo songs arranged by Matthew himself, while others are based on entirely original compositions–and all of them exude a rich love of Nintendo’s worlds and characters.

A professional church pianist and singer, Matthew has been developing Tadpole Treble on and off for a long time, but recently has been focused on spending most of his free time fine-tuning the game concept and its music. The 28-year-old artist/pianist got his BA in Graphic Design five years ago, so Tadpole Treble is the perfect way to combine his passions of art, music, and gaming into one dedicated project.

Michael Taranto
Michael TarantoGame Design, Programming, Marketing
A father of one (and soon to be two), Michael is the co-owner of a Baton Rouge restaurant and has a passion for running businesses. Michael began his career teaching High School Civics, honors and moved towards the family restaurant business.  Like his brother, Michael grew up on the NES and has always had a passion for video games and game development itself.

Michael is a musician as well; he’s a professional singer and also played the trombone in LSU’s Tiger Band, in addition to being skilled on the guitar  Tadpole Treble is the perfect way to combine his passions of action, music, and gaming into one dedicated project.