Hi everyone! We’re finishing up the last chunks of original content and have begun bug-testing and polishing Tadpole Treble. The whole process is quite an intensive one but the game gets better and better each week. We’re currently shooting for release near the end of spring, simultaneously on Wii U, and PC + Mac (via Steam or otherwise).

I’d say it’s time you guys got to hear another song, though. A few updates ago, we introduced you to Bullfrog Grove, where the hungry (yet eloquent) Etude doles out sage advice and bonuses in exchange for bubbles and Challenge Flies.

Naturally, Etude has his own theme song for Bullfrog Grove, titled “Bullfrog Groove.” Give it a listen below!

One last visual bit for today, it’s the wondrous life cycle of a frog! The animation below plays during loading sequences (although load times are quite brief, so you usually won’t see the whole thing):

Until next time…