End of the year progress report

Hi again. We’ve been pretty excited lately with Tadpole Treble–the original vision for this game started off as a musical journey to help Baton get home, but over the past several weeks, we’ve found ways to squeeze in a couple features that expand the play value of the game quite a bit. One of these (which we’ve already announced) is online leaderboards, which will allow players to prove they’re the best (or the worst!) in every stage in the game’s main story.

The second is one I’m particularly proud of, and pleased to say that it was originally planned to be a stretch goal, but we’ve found a way to make it happen (largely thanks to you guys). It’s not quite time to unveil the curtain on that yet until it’s in a more “ready-to-reveal” state, but it’s pretty exciting.

Also, we’ve hit a solid milestone: every level’s music has been written and incorporated into the game! Over the next few months, we’ll be fine-tuning the rough edges, play-testing the heck out of it, and fixing bugs and the like.

All in all, we’re definitely happy with the progress our very first game has made over this year. The Kickstarter campaign definitely made 2014 the most productive year for Tadpole Treble, by far. Like our titular heroine’s quest, it’s been a bit of a journey, but the homecoming isn’t far off now.

Finally, if you haven’t yet, be sure to vote us up to get greenlit on Steam! We know that releasing on Steam is very convenient for a lot of you PC/Mac gamers out there, but we can only do so if we get approved (and we’re very close at this point). Otherwise, we’ll only be able to sell the PC/Mac versions through our website.

Happy New Year!

-Matthew and Michael