The sing-along element adds an audience-oriented layer I don’t think we’ve seen since PaRappa” – IndieCade Judge

Tadpole Treble is an auto-scrolling adventure game with a heavy emphasis on music. Playing as the newborn tadpole heroine, Baton, players essentially swim through sheet music and dodge the actual notes of each stage’s theme song!

While trying to help Baton make her way home, the player scores points by avoiding damage and hitting objects on the beat. The game contains several levels and bosses, all featuring original compositions made up of both live and electronic instrumentation.

Beyond the main Adventure mode lie several bonus elements, such as unlockable music and commentaries, as well as a full online Leaderboard section for every stage. Best of all, players can create their own songs and stages in the game’s robust Composition Mode, and then play through them or share them with friends.

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